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I’m really liking the direction our Alumnae Steering Committee is taking. If there are any San Diego County alumnae who’d like to have a local meetup, let me know, because I would like to attend one myself!

OCTOBER 29, 2008

Attendance:  Kathy Griffin, Toni Boim, Stacey Naito, Torie Daves, Marcia Berman

l. Chair’s Report:

  • Torie gave a briefing on the meeting with Rev. Canon Clarke with regards to the Argyll name change. It was a good meeting. Canon Clarke was very forthcoming and up front. The school became co-ed due to a fiscal decision. Had it happened today things would have been handled differently.
  • Torie shared the draft of the letter explaining the decision to be sent to Argyll alumnae and asked the committee to email her with any changes/suggestions.
  • It was decided that we would email the letter to those we have a good address for and mail to all the others. Marcia will look in the archives for Argyll stationery and try to recreate it.

II. Events:

  • Revlon Run-Walk – Kathy reported that the date for this event is Saturday, May 9th, 2009. We need a minimum of 25 people to create a team by April 11th. The registration fee is $30 per person. We decided to name the team “Team Argyll”. Kathy volunteered to be the contact and team captain for this event. We would like to invite Argyll teachers to participate as well as board members, Julian and Tom Clarke. We talked about walking in memory of Mrs. Buckler and in honor of Mrs. Behlmer. We will send either a letter or save-the-date card out in January. Torie will ask Bonnie Wren to list it on the Argyll site. We will also list it on the CH site. Kathy will get all pertinent information by the December 3rd meeting.
  • Founder’s Day – An Argyll plaque will be dedicated at the High School. The committee discussed having a luncheon with the Argyll teachers as part of the dedication. Marcia will inform the committee once the details of the event are finalized.
  • Reunion – It was decided that Argyll alumnae would be invited by class to the June Reunion and to an Argyll all-school reunion via a cocktail party at Laura McKinzie’s house in the summer.
  • Happy Hour – We will hold one in March or April. Marcia will look at where the majority of LA based alumnae live and then we’ll decide on a location and date.
  • Event with teachers – Marcia will ask Theresia Cunningham if the teachers would be interested in either a tea or brunch with alumnae. If so, Marcia will send the committee potential dates. Marcia will also research tea venues. Kathy suggested Chado Tea Room and Huntington Gardens. Torie will look into the Magic Castle for brunch.
  • Kathy suggested that next October we do an event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

III. Mailing:

  • It was decided, based on Laura McKinzie’s past suggestion, that we send an “intriguing” postcard with the Argyll logo and buzz words relating to the school to get people’s curiosity up. We’ll follow with the letter mentioned above. The catch phrase used for the postcard will also be on the letter envelope.
  • The committee would like to hand address the letters. Toni will help Marcia put packages together for committee members. Postcards will have mailing labels.
  • Torie will work on class lists/reps. Stacey, Toni and Kathy will try to get missing information from their classes.

IV. Mission Statement/Group Name:

  • It was decided to change the committee name to Argyll Academy Alumnae committee. It was also decided that we don’t need a mission statement. Our mission is the same as the Board’s.

V.  Argyll Scholarship:

  • Kathy suggested that the question for the Argyll scholarship this year be about women’s issues.
  • It was decided that we will solicit all Argyll alumnae with a letter written to them.

Next meeting is December 3rd.


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