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Founder's Day Invitation

10:45 am: Argyll Academy Dedication – High School Entrance
11:20 am: Secondary School Chapel – Garver Gym

Lunch Reception in the Theater and Gallery Exhibit
in Carsey Gallery immediately following Chapel

4533 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
North Hollywood, California 91607

RSVP by Friday, January 30th to Marcia Berman
( 818) 505-5307 or email

Parking Information- To ensure parking for all of our Founder’s Day visitors, please park in the lot just north of the LA Wash.
The entrance to this lot is located at the south most entrance of campus. Extra security will be on hand to help guide you.


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Argyll Alumnae Committee
January 6, 2009

I.    Chairperson’s Report:

  • Five new members are joining the e-committee as a result of the holiday card mailing. They are Cynthia Palmer-Rountree ’68, Mary Manning ’70, Georgia Chun ’69, Teresa Modes ’71, and Jennifer Lewis ’83. Welcome to the new members.

II.    Outreach:

  • In an attempt to go paperless, we need to work on obtaining e-mails addresses for alumnae. We will do one more mailing asking for either an e-mail address or notification that a paper mailing is needed due to lack of computer access. Marcia will put together a list of alumnae with missing emails but current mailing address. Torie will ask Bonnie Wren if we can use the Argyll web site to post the message as well. It was also suggested we send a list to each class asking for contact info.

III.    Events:

  • Founder’s Day – We’ll be mailing an invitation only to those without email. Everyone else will receive it online.
  • Revlon Run/Walk – Kathy Griffin reported that we officially have a team, “Team Argyll”. The event date is May 9th. Kathy is the team captain and Marcia is the team contact person. We need 25 people to sign up as soon as possible. The event is open to alumnae, their families and anyone wishing to walk with “Team Argyll”. The cost is $30 per person. Walkers should feel free to raise additional money if they wish to do so. Marcia will check if Campbell Hall has a team. If they don’t, we’ll invite current students and faculty, as well as parents of alumni. Kathy will look into getting Argyll green T-shirts for the team. Marcia will do an e-blast with details and an RSVP date. Torie will ask Bonnie if we can post it on the Argyll web site. We’ll also ask if people want to carpool. Kathy will check with the team rep to see about a meeting location.

Our Team number is #215 and people can go to RevlonRunWalk.com to begin signing up.

  • Teacher Luncheon – Marcia will search for a location. The date is February 22nd. Torie will send the evite.
  • South Bay Happy Hour – Kathy will ask a friend who lives in the area for a recommendation.
  • Ventura Happy Hour – Pete Robbins, the Alumni Board Secretary, has friends with bars/restaurants in the area. Marcia will get details.
  • Westside Happy Hour – Stacey suggested Primitivo Wine Bar

IV.    Argyll Scholarship:

  • Stacey suggested the question this year be: “What one female role model had the greatest impact in shaping your goals, and why?” The committee discussed the question and decided on the following: “Which woman in history has had the greatest impact in shaping your goals, and why?” The question will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee of the Board.

V.    Misc.:

  • Brooke Killingsworth started an Argyll Facebook page. Torie will ask Brooke if we can use it to promote Argyll events and the web site.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting is February 3rd.

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I’ve just posted our 2009 Calendar of Events for Argyll Alumnae; please take a look!  The closest one is February 5 and it’s a biggie: the 65th Founder’s Day Celebration/Argyll Dedication.  For more information, please email Torie Daves.

I also have a listing of Alumnae Committee meeting dates for you. This is a perfect way to reconnect with your old school!  The meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month, with the exception of February’s meeting, which will be held on Tuesday the 3rd (so as not to conflict with the Founder’s Day Celebration).  UPDATE 02/02/09: The February Meeting has been cancelled.

February 3rd (Tuesday) CANCELLED
March 5th
April 3rd
May 7th
June 4th
July 2nd
August 6th
September 3rd
October 1st
November 5th
December 3rd

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