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Please sign up and join Team Argyll at the Revlon Run walk for women on May 9th!

We need only a few more people to sign up by April 17th in order to qualify as a team.

More information may be found in the attached flyer.


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I just learned that Sandy Behlmer passed away.  As soon as I get more details I post them here for you.

We will never forget you, Mrs. Behlmer.

UPDATE: This email came in from Campbell Hall. It looks like a memorial service will be held Sunday, April 19, at 10:30 a.m. in the Garver Gym. (more…)

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Before I post the minutes, I’d like to make a call for any Argyll alumnae involved in the catering profession… we have a job we’d like to give to an alumna.  Contact Torie for more information.

And now… the minutes:

Before I post the minutes, I’d like to make a call for any Argyll alumnae involved in the catering profession… we have a job we’d like to give to an alumna. Contact Torie for more information. And now… the minutes:

Argyll Academy Alumnae Committee meeting
March 5, 2009

I. Feedback on Alumnae-Faculty event

  • We all agreed that the restaurant, food and service were all excellent. The only thing we would like is to have more of the teachers there – and to find some of the older teachers who were at Argyll in the ’60’s and early ’70’s.
    • Are any of the teachers with whom Theresia stays in touch, in touch with any of the earlier teachers?
    • Maybe email the alums who are in the ’64 – ’74 classes to see if they know the whereabouts of any of the teachers

II. Assigning who will be handling what event

  • April – Tea in Pasadena – Torie/Kathy
    • Kathy will be calling Chados to see cost/availability and will let Torie know – The theme for the tea will be “Celebration of Sisterhood” and each alum can bring a woman who has been influential in her life.
    • At the event, we will ask each alum to write down a way in which their guest has been influential in their life and then we will (anonymously, if they wish) share it with the group.
  • May – Revlon Run – Kathy
    • Torie will be making and emailing info flyer to alums/ give mailing piece to Marcia to mail out
    • Kathy is going to meet with the Revlon folks the last week of March so we really need to have at least 25 people signed up by then – She will get more info on pricing for green T-shirts with white lettering that says “Team Argyll”. – We should begin asking our friends to walk with us
  • June – Reunion – Toni
  • July – Magic Castle (19th now) – Torie
    • Torie will be creating the info that should go on the CH web page in order for people to sign-up and pay for the brunch on-line. Marcia will work with her tech person to get it on the site.
  • August – Ventura Happy Hour – TBD
    • Torie will check with Mindy to see if she will take this one.
  • September Getty Museum – Torie
    • Torie has booked a docent and has gotten the info on the lunches. We will send out info on the lunches when we send out the invites and people can pick what they want and give that info when they RSVP
    • Torie will talk to Marcia about the best way for people to pay for their lunches.
  • October – Cocktail Party at Laura’s – Toni
    • Toni will be in contact with Laura to see what we need to rent (tables, chairs, etc.)
    • Torie will post on the Argyll website, Facebook and Classmates. com to see if there is an Argyll alum who is a cateress.
    • Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we will do pink ribbon décor and have a list printed of “pink” products that donate money to breast cancer.
    • Torie will talk to Marcia about whether CH will pay for the catering of this event or if we need to charge the guests to attend.
  • November – Happy Hour on Westside – Stacey
  • December – Tea at Biltmore – Stacey

We also talked about have an “Out of Towner’s” event the weekend between Christmas and New Years (December 26th or 27th) – maybe a Happy Hour event or something casual. It was determined that teachers should be invited to all bigger events (everything except the Happy Hours) III. Future Meetings

  • June 4th (decide on events for next year)
  • September 10th (if that date works for Marcia and Mindy)
  • December 3rd

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