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June 18 Agenda

Goodness, somehow I missed this in my email notifications. So here it is, a couple of days late:

Argyll Academy Alumnae Committee


June 18, 2009

· Overall success of year – feedback from alumnae. Survey for feedback and interest?

· What are the committees next strategic steps

· Set calendar for 09/10 (what type of events do we want to do? Social? More school-related? Community outreach?)

· Events for remainder of the year:
– Ventura Happy Hour
– Getty tour and lunch
– Cocktail Party at Laura’s (send a Save-the-Date), Run-Walk?, anything for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
– Westside happy hour
– Holiday Tea at the Biltmore

· Class Reps to help with event involvement

· Argyll Website – frequent updates

· Committee to become part of Alumni Board beg. In Sept. – recruit more members

· How to incorporate e-committee

· Sending holiday cards again?

· One newsletter per year maybe in September with calendar for year


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