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Founder's Day Invitation

10:45 am: Argyll Academy Dedication – High School Entrance
11:20 am: Secondary School Chapel – Garver Gym

Lunch Reception in the Theater and Gallery Exhibit
in Carsey Gallery immediately following Chapel

4533 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
North Hollywood, California 91607

RSVP by Friday, January 30th to Marcia Berman
( 818) 505-5307 or email

Parking Information- To ensure parking for all of our Founder’s Day visitors, please park in the lot just north of the LA Wash.
The entrance to this lot is located at the south most entrance of campus. Extra security will be on hand to help guide you.


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Our alumnae committee is coming up with some wonderful ideas! I especially like the newsletter doing features on teachers.

I ask all alumnae to consider subscribing to the alumnae committee updates (send your contact information here). If you decide later on that you’d rather not receive any mailings, just let us know and we’ll remove you from our list.

DECEMBER 3, 2008

Attendance:  Torie Daves, Stacey Naito, Toni Boim, Stuart Posin, Marcia Berman
E-committee: Missy Stalcup, Cathy Lydon, April Adams
Absent:  Laura McKinzie, Kathy Griffin, Carrie O’Brien, Mindy Molinary, Toni Heebner

1.    Chair Report:
A.     Mailings:

  • Torie reported that the postcard and letters were sent out. Thank you to everyone who addressed envelopes.
  • This week an email version of the letter will go out.
  • Next week a follow up e-mail will go out asking if anyone is interested to join either the committee or e-committee. Marcia mentioned that we need to work on acquiring more alumnae e-mail addresses. Stuart said he will try to locate some. Torie will ask Bonnie Schell Wren if a message can put posted on the Argyll web site.
  • To date, the mailing resulted in 3 new e-committee members, Missy Stalcup ’71, Cathy Lydon ’72, and April Adams ’76. They will receive the agenda and minutes and have the opportunity to respond, which will be reflected in the revised minutes.

2.    Outreach
A.     Holiday Card/Calendar of Events:

  • We will be mailing holiday cards to alumnae with a calendar of events included. Kathy, Toni, Stacey, Torie and Mindy will be hand signing and addressing them.
  • Toni suggested we include an insert asking for e-mail addresses.
  • Marcia suggested we also e-mail individual classes asking for help locating missing alumnae much like we do for the reunions.

B.    Alumnae Programs:

  • Founder’s Day – Will be held on Thursday, February 5th. Torie isn’t sure how many alumnae will be able to attend during the day. She suggested we have a lunch the following Saturday and include the teachers. We can have a mini-dedication ceremony and tour the gallery exhibit.
  • Stuart suggested we invited everyone to share a memory and videotape it.
  • Theresia Cunningham will help contact teachers.

C. Career Guidance – We would like to consider sponsoring an event where alums from Argyll and Campbell Hall offer a “Career Night” for high school students.  Booths could be set up representing different professions.
D.  Newsletter – It was decided that we would do two newsletters per year.  Contents will include articles and pictures from events and information on upcoming ones.  Missy suggested we do Spotlight articles on teachers.
E.  Happy Hours – It was decided that we will hold 3 Happy Hour gatherings in various cities based on where there is a concentration of alumnae.  Marcia will research the database to determine the locations.  Generally, we will hold one in Ventura and two in Orange County.  We will have high tea in Pasadena.  The remainder of the calendar was reviewed (see attached).
F. Future Events –  Torie suggested sending our a survey this summer to ask alumnae what type of events they would like to see for next year, and if they would like them to be for alums-only, couples or family.
3.     Technology
A.     There is now a link to the Argyll website from the Campbell Hall web site.
B.    We are going to look into teleconferencing for anyone who would like to participate in the meetings but can’t make it in person.

Next meeting:  January 6th

February 5                Founder’s Day/Argyll Dedication
February 7                Luncheon with Teachers, mini-dedication and gallery exhibit
March 7                Happy Hour  – Orange County (location to be determined)
April 18                           High Tea – Scarlett Tea Room – Pasadena
May 9                Revlon Run/Walk
June 6                           Reunion
July 18                             Magic Castle Brunch and show

August 8            Happy Hour  – Ventura (location to be determined)
October 3            Cocktail Party at Laura McKenzie’s home (6:00 – 8:00pm)
November 7            Happy Hour – Orange County (location to be determined)
December 5            Holiday Tea at the Biltmore Hotel

Notes:  Torie will look into a docent-led tour at the Getty Museum for September 12.
For Breast Cancer Awareness Month – we will send emails with information regarding self-examinations, mammogram reminders, etc.

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Torie Daves gave me permission to post the following minutes from the first meeting of the new Alumnae Steering Committee; my apologies for not posting it this weekend as promised.

I’m pretty excited about the renewed interest in Argyll Academy. When I started this site, I hoped it would help keep Argyll’s memory alive somewhere, even if only on a tiny piece of internet real estate. And now… wow!

So much is happening, thanks to people like Torie and Marcia Berman and the committee members listed below. Thanks to all of you!

I encourage all alumnae to get in touch with Torie and or Marcia and let them know your thoughts about the future of an alumnae association.

Go, Argyll!



Attendance: Toni Boim, Torie Daves, Kathy Griffin, Laura McKinzie, Stacy Naito, Marcia Berman

Absent: Toni Heebner, Carrie O’Brien, Mindy Molinary

Meeting called to order by Chairperson – 6:55 pm

1. Welcome by Torie

Introductions of committee

2. Elections:
o Torie read a description of the board positions.
o Toni Boim was elected to the position of Vice President.
o Marcia Berman will take minutes until a Secretary is elected. This will come up for vote at the October meeting.
3. Formation of Committees

It was decided that we would table this until the committee is larger. In the meantime, the current attendees will be involved with each area.

4. New Business
1. School name change communication: Torie, Stuart, and Marcia will be meeting the Rev. Clarke to discuss the Argyll name change. There is still animosity among some the alumnae about how the name changed was handled. Torie would like to get information first hand from Rev. Clarke and then share it with the alumnae. From that point on, there will be no further need to address it.

Kathy suggested we create a mission statement with regards to the committees’ purpose and include it in the letter we will be sending out. The letter will also invite others to join the committee.

2. Reunion Options: After much discussion the consensus was to do an Argyll-only reunion in the winter and include all Argyll alumnae in the larger June both-school reunion. Laura suggested hosting a weekend of events.
3. Outreach Strategy: It was decided that a mission statement was important in getting the message out to alumnae. We discussed the following: “The mission of the Argyll Steering Committee is to reconnect alumnae with the past to promote the unique experience shared at Argyll Academy and to rekindle the spirit of the community.”

+ The committee would like to come up with a different name other than steering committee.
+ Marcia will create committee letterhead with committee members listed.
+ It was suggested that we include alumnae who can’t make the meeting due to location through video conferencing and email communications. Those who receive email minutes can provide feedback which we will include in the next meeting minutes.
+ We would like to put a link on the CH website directing people to Bonnie’s Argyll site and also make a page for Argyll on the CH site. We would highlight an Argyll Woman of the Month possibly highlight a teacher and list events.
+ Discussed using school names after alumni names, i.e., Toni Phillips Boim AR ’80 – Stuart Posin CH ’96.
+ Send a Save-the-date type of card to announce committee

4. Torie had a list of events collected at her reunion which are a combination of women only, couples and family events:

Women only
Cocktail party
School-based activity – lunch with teachers
Establish mentoring group for current students
Reestablish alumni choir
Career Fair
Alumni softball, volleyball, tennis game
Senior Sisters – match up alumnae with seniors either by college choice or professions
Spa Day
Bunko/Poker group
Volunteer in Community
Emergency training class
Whale Watching
Wine Tasting
Harbor Cruise

+ Kathy suggested the Revlon Run/Walk. She has written for information.
+ We will say on event invitations “this is not a fundraiser”
+ Laura volunteered to host a cocktail party at her house
+ We also discussed regional events

5. Meeting Dates: It was decided that we would meet once a month while we are gearing up. We had tentatively set October 8th as the next meeting however, that is a religious holiday so the next date will be October 22nd if all agree.


Marcia will send class lists to committee who will start tracking down contact information and ask for class reps.

Torie will draft a letter to alumnae after the Rev. Clarke meeting

The letter will include our calendar of events, the Argyll Scholarship, and items mentioned above.

Marcia will send committee list of where alumni reside.

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